Think Out Loud was a user testing service that let our customers test designs, prototypes, and websites with their users via a simple link. We then guided end users to record their voice and screen and 'think out loud' as they completed the test. Our customers could then watch the videos to gain valuable feedback about their product.

It worked like this:

Use Case

We wanted to solve the problem of running user tests remotely. Larger companies can physically bring users into the office to interview and watch them use a prototype. Smaller teams can similarly setup video calls with their users. However both of these options can be time consuming and challenging to organise. Recording the interviews, organising them, and make them shareable are just more things to take care of.

Think Out Loud simplified this process as follows.

These features saved time for both our customers and their users providing feedback.

Portfolio Demo

The site that you're seeing is a local first demo version of the original Think Out Loud product. All data is saved locally and never sent to the server meaning you can't share links or receive videos as you could in the original version.

Try out the following:

More Info

I wrote up a detailed article here with more info about the business and technical side of Think Out Loud.