Note: Think Out Loud has shut down and this is now a portfolio project demo site. It works as a local app so sign up and try it out! Read more here.

Fast and simple user testingwithout the calls

The old way: You schedule calls with users, ask them to install recording software, and test your designs with them in real-time. The new way: You share your user test link with them, they record their voice and screen without installing anything, and you receive a video of their feedback. No calls required!

What site would you like to test?

User test any website like a landing page, new feature, or prototype.

Supports every app on your computer. Test prototypes + websites + desktop apps.

Loved by designers in startups and scaleups

Marine Traffic

How it works

Share, Record, Watch


Create a test and share the link with your users


Users think out loud while using your product


Watch their video feedback to improve your product


Test your protoypes.
Design like a pro.

Affordable user testing without the calls.

Start using Think Out Loud for free and receive your first videos without charge.

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Built in public,
by designers for designers.